During our rest we suffer continuous temperature fluctuations, which can be regulated efficiently way using the items of the VELFONT thermo-regulator collection. These products use the most advanced technology developed by NASA, Outlast® Adaptive Comfort® fabric.

The temperature changes we suffer all along the night are a consequence of the different stages of sleep:

-       First, melatonin (natural chemical compound) acts in order to lower body temperature and make us feel sleepy. At this point, our mind starts agitating and breathing becomes slower and more regular. It is usual having spasms when muscles begin to relax.

-       Between ten and twenty minutes later, we become blind and deaf towards most of the external stimuli, and it is difficult waking up, something similar to hibernation.

-       Finally, we reach REM (rapid eye movement) stage, an essential part of sleeping cycle. This stage is responsible of recharging and reorganizing our mind for the next day. The tendency to reach REM stage increases when the body temperature is in its lowest level.

These thermal and moisture fluctuations caused by sleep affect directly to our organism.

Due to these continuous changes, our rest is interrupted and poor, causing not only discomfort but also an inadequate rest, which can cause shiver and chill caused by excessive cold or sweat caused by excessive hot. It can also trigger sleep disorders such as nightmares or insomnia when these conditions are extreme.

In order to help us keep a personal comfort zone, Outlast® Adaptive Comfort® technology buffers temperature swings. Traditional isolation lies in catching hot air to keep heat. To the contrary, Outlast® Adaptive Comfort® technology is an interactive process of continuous comfort, absorbing, storing and releasing heat when it is produced excessively. Once the body needs this heat, it is distributed and released thanks to the Outlast® microthermal material.

The result is an appropriate rest, with a deeper and more refreshing sleep.

VELFONT offers a wide range of Thermo-regulator products that use Outlast® Adaptive Comfort® technology. This complete collection of Thermo-regulator products, which guarantee resting in balanced thermal conditions, includes the following items: Thermo-regulator pillowcase, Thermo-regulator quilted mattress protector, Thermo-regulator pillow and Visco-fresh viscoelastic pillow.